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Welcome to the official website of The Muzic Complex! The Muzic Complex is the legacy of a dream by it's founder and original owner, Jimmy Boling. Jimmy was an excellent guitarist who started out buying guitars, amps and public address systems while attending Douglas MacArthur Junior High School in Jonesboro, Arkansas in 1971-72. After graduating Jonesboro High School, Jimmy opened his first music store in Jonesboro. He went on to move to larger and larger locations in order to hold all of his inventory until he finally wound up at 520 Southwest Drive. That store took up the square footage of two stores. He remained in that location garnering awards for "Best Music Store" in industry magazines and as the local Fender, Gibson, Ibanez, Jackson and Martin dealer in Northeast Arkansas, the Complex continued to supply the area's musicians with the best of what the market had to offer. It was also during this time that the installation of sound and lighting systems in churches and businesses became a large part of the business thanks in no small part to the genius of electronics whiz Mike Misak.


With the decision to downsize and move back to his old stomping grounds, Jimmy moved to to a smaller store closer to his parents home in Nettleton, a suburb of Jonesboro. This store was the last incarnation of Jimmy's reign. During that time he made the fortuitous decision to hire Jason Vaughan as Store Manager. Jason is a talented guitarist which enabled him to work as both manager and guitar instructor. They maintained steady business there until Jimmy's health caused him to have to close the business and pass the reins to Jason. Now, after all these years, Jason has moved to Trumann, Arkansas and reopened the store with the same level of excellence that it had all those years ago. He now has  decades of experience and expertise which bring him to a new level of excellence and awareness about the music business, musical instrument repair, public address systems and operating a small business.  Of course, his talent playing guitar has grown exponentially too. Jason is currently the audio engineer at The Epic Center in Jonesboro. The largest indepently-owned theatre in the Jonesboro area. This position allows him a hands-on approach to the local music scene which is necessary for serving the musicians of the area properly.

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